Our coverage of 1918 is to try and show the impact the loss of so many men must have had on Rushden town.  There are 420 men named on the War Memorial but besides those there are others whose names, for whatever reason, are not on there.  There were also men who died after the war had ended but as a direct result of injuries received.  The total must be nearer 450 and out of a population of 15,000 that was a huge loss to the community.
Rushden Museum is displaying details of all those who died and illustrating the boards with photographs of medal cards, cap badges, Cemeteries and Memorials, and extracts from the War Diaries and newspapers.  Transcriptions of most of the War Diaries are available at the museum, but this is a ‘work in progress’ so is not yet complete.  However, the files are being added to on a regular basis.  The Rushden men who died were in 67 different regiments.  The weekly diaries with information as to what was going on in Rushden during the whole time of WWI are now complete and available to read in our Research Corner.


Northamptonshire Regiment – 6th Battalion – April 1916

8th to 14th April 1916
Sector A2 of trenches
The Battalion marched to the trenches relieving the 7th Bedfords.  At 2 am on the 13th the enemy opened a heavy bombardment on our centre company.  Simultaneously, two small parties attempted to raid the trench held by our left company.  They were quickly driven out, eight of them being killed.  They carried off two of our men who were wounded.  Captain H Podmore and 4 N.C.O.s and men were recommended for decorations and eight others for parchment letters.  Casualties: 2nd Lieut Waite, accidentally wounded, 10 killed, 34 wounded, 2 wounded and missing.

Sergeant Horace Sheffield 14014 died on the 11th April 1916

Private William Samuel Whiting 14340 died on the 13th April 1916

All the information has been compiled over the last four years and is the result of many hours spent in the Rushden Library and working on the computer.  At the end of the season it will all be filed and will be available for anyone who wishes to see it or to use it for research.

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