Yesterday we had a Volunteer Working Day at the museum.   We fetched a lot of “stuff” out of the office/store room and rediscovered the floor.  All the clothes were checked, a lot of stray paperwork filed away, and our scrap book brought up to date.  A few ideas were thrown about regarding the store room but unfortunately whatever we do we can’t make it any bigger.  I think it was a successful day; naturally we had to have chips at lunch time to keep our strength up, and not all the jobs on the list got done but there is always next time!  All the “stuff” had to go back into the office/store room so we didn’t gain a lot but at least it is a tidier mess.

Volunteers Required

Rushden Museum are always looking for volunteers and would appreciate your support. If you have a spare hour or two and would like to volunteer your services over the weekend please contact us here.

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